563. Incubus – Guido Manuli


SUMMARY: A man in a tower block suffers through a night of bizarre nightmares.

WHY IT’S HERE: Bruno Bozzetto’s protégé Guido Manuli emerged from the shadow of his mentor in the 80s with great cult children’s series ‘Mr. Hiccup’ and ‘Stripy’. But Manuli also continued working on his own short films, of which ‘Incubus’ is one of the best. I vividly remember seeing this odd cartoon when I was a child as a filler on TV when the Snooker finals finished earlier than expected. Its strangeness became a sort of lingering nightmare in itself, until the age of the internet made it easy to track down and confirm its existence. An inventive series of grotesque gags from which the protagonist continually awakes screaming, ‘Incubus’ is hysterical in its incessancy. The shrill screams, which lead to the film’s bizarre final joke, will be ringing in your ears long after the credits roll.


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