561. The Big Snit – Richard Condie


SUMMARY: A couple continue a petty argument as the world ends around them.

WHY IT’S HERE: Richard Condie’s acknowledged screwy masterpiece ‘The Big Snit’ is an unforgettable cartoon. A classic that I’ve loved since it first confused and amused me in equal measures as a child, ‘The Big Snit’ is the surreal tale of a couple engaged in a trivial argument during a Scrabble game that distracts them from the fact that there’s a nuclear apocalypse happening around them. A sly satire punctuated with gags that range from corny to non-sensical, Condie keeps a tight grip on the reins of his film even as it appears to be in danger of going off the rails. Everything works brilliantly, from the man’s ludicrous obsession with sawing to the human scream omitted by the cat as he accidentally propels himself across the room. ‘The Big Snit’ is utterly unique and has gone on to become one of the most famous shorts of the 80s and one of the masterworks of animation.


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