560. Broken Down Film – Osamu Tezuka


SUMMARY: A cowboy attempting to rescue a damsel in distress is dogged by the imperfections in the film print itself.

WHY IT’S HERE: Osamu Tezuka’s ‘Broken Down Film’ is another great short by the Japanese director. Not quite as original as his previous ‘Jumping’, ‘Broken Down Film’ plays more like an homage to the Fleischer Brothers, Chuck Jones and Tex Avery, all of whom had played with the conventions of film in this way. A cowboy is hindered in his rescue mission by deteriorating film stock, breaks in the film and hairs in the projector. In tipping his hat to some of the great Hollywood directors of animation’s Golden Age, Tezuka is also able to put his own spin on this formula, creating a winningly funny and inventive tribute. It’s certainly preferable to Daniel Greaves’s Oscar-winning but blandly forgettable ‘Manipulation’.


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