555. Anijam – Marv Newland


SUMMARY: The adventures of a character called Foska, as envisaged by 22 different animators.

WHY IT’S HERE: ‘Bambi Meets Godzilla’ director Marv Newland oversaw the unique project ‘Anijam’, in which 22 animators were presented with the character of Foska to do with as they pleased. The only stipulation was that each short piece of animation should start with the last frame of the previous animator’s work. None of the animators had any idea what their contemporaries were making, hence the wonderfully loose, anarchic feel of the finished film. A unique concept featuring work by high profile animators such as Paul Driessen and Sally Cruikshank, ‘Anijam’ is a testament to what a fertile environment there was for animation in the 1980s. It’s a joy to watch the concept of an ‘Anijam’ come to life so brilliantly and for animation fans it whets the appetite to start flicking through back catalogues of the participants.


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