553. Winter in Prostokvashino – Vladimir Popov


SUMMARY: Winter comes to Prostokvashino and Matroksin and Sharik have fallen out with each other.

WHY IT’S HERE: Vladimir Popov’s third and final Prostokvashino short is a nice ending to the series. Although the character designs have changed a little, looking more rounded and somehow slightly less appealing, ‘Winter in Prostokvashino’ retains all the verbal wit and whimsical warmth of the previous shorts in the series, with all the characters returning again for one last bow. Particularly amusing is an early scene in which Pechkin the postman mediates in an argument between Matroskin the cat and Sharik the dog. As each intends to throw objects at the other, the postman intervenes and offers to deliver them instead, in each case confirming the size and style of delivery the package will require. It’s the sort of oddball joke that makes the Prostokvashino trilogy so unique and wonderful, and this Christmas edition makes a nice finale to a series that should really be more well known internationally.


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