549. Spotting a Cow – Paul Driessen


SUMMARY: A narrator spins a series of abortive yarns and as each one dissolves into an ink blot, they slowly make up the pattern on a cow’s skin.

WHY IT’S HERE: Dutch director Paul Driessen’s ‘Spotting a Cow’, like Aleksandr Tatarskiy’s ‘Snow Was Falling Last Year’, begins with a narrator who cannot quite settle on a story. In this case, however, the narrator never finds his story but instead reveals himself to be more interested in the pattern his abortive story attempts make up. As simple line drawings dissolve into splatters of ink, the narrator puts himself into the story to intervene in some potentially violent plotlines. The anarchy he creates eventually results in a pattern of ink blots with which he is delighted and which are revealed to be the markings on a cow’s hide. Is the narrator God creating cows or merely a madman with delusions of grandeur? Driessen’s fantastic short never answers this question but the interplay of the simple artwork with the shapeshifting blots is magnificent to behold.


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