539. Sundae in New York – Jimmy Picker


SUMMARY: A Claymation version of New York mayor Ed Koch sings a rendition of ‘New York, New York’.

WHY IT’S HERE: Like his previous short ‘Jimmy the C’, Jimmy Picker’s ‘Sundae in New York’ is a topical animation very much tied to its political era. In the same style as ‘Jimmy the C’, in which President Jimmy Carter lip synched to Ray Charles’s ‘Georgia on my Mind’, ‘Sundae in New York’ has a Claymation version of then-mayor Ed Koch singing ‘New York, New York’. Unlike the previous short, however, Picker did not use an existing version of the song on the soundtrack but instead got comedian Scott Record to record a new version in the style of Koch and other New York celebrities, whose Claymation equivalents appear throughout the video. Picker significantly improves on his previous short with a colourful, lively tour of New York locations replacing the intimate and somewhat surreal late-night moment Jimmy Carter experienced in ‘Jimmy the C’. This lovely, good-natured satire picked up the Oscar for Best Animated Short for its year.


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