537. Teeny Little Super Guy – Paul Fierlinger


SUMMARY: A tiny man who lives in a regular sized kitchen helps his friends and neighbours with their problems.

WHY IT’S HERE: ‘Teeny Little Super Guy’ was a terrific series of 3 minute shorts made for legendary children’s show ‘Sesame Street’. In keeping with ‘Sesame Street’s high threshold for quality, the ‘Teeny Little Super Guy’ shorts were produced in the manner of independent shorts, with the first instalment taking about 2 months to create. Created by director Paul Fierlinger, written and voiced by ‘Sesame Street’ veteran Jim Thurman and with a cracking theme song by Larry Gold and Stuart Horn, the ‘Teeny Little Super Guy’ films portrayed their characters as little humans painted onto kitchen items such as glasses, cup and salt shakers. These implements shuffled around the live action kitchen as the animated characters portrayed on them moved their limbs. The effect was unique, brilliant and unforgettable. The Teeny Little Super Guy himself was a wise, gravel-voiced presence reminiscent of Peter Falk’s ‘Columbo’ and each episode was a small parable on co-operation, friendship, health and safety and other such important issues. The series became immediately popular and was a semi-regular fixture on ‘Sesame Street throughout the 80s. From the moment I first saw it as a child, I was always waiting for the next time I’d hear those introductory words “Ladies and Gentleman, the Teeny Little Super Guy!”


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