535. The Vanished World of Gloves – Jiri Barta


SUMMARY: A construction worker discovers a film canister which contains an alternative history of cinema portrayed entirely by gloves.

WHY IT’S HERE: Like Yefim Gamburg’s ‘Robbery, …-Style’ before it, Jiri Barta’s ‘The Vanished World of Gloves’ is a short aimed squarely at film buffs. This ingenious little piece begins with live action footage of a construction worker unearthing a film canister which he takes home. When he plays the contents on his projector, he discovers an alternative history of cinema in which all the roles are played by gloves. Some of these parodies, such as the silent comedy routine or the climactic special-effects-laden blockbuster, will be recognisable to all audiences but the more specific spoofs may find non-cineastes getting a little lost. For film fans however, the highlights are surely a take on Luis Bunuel and Salvador Dali’s surrealist masterpiece ‘Un Chien Andalou’ and a general spoof of Fellini films, on which a group of decadent gloves copulate with abandon amidst a lavish banquet.


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