530. Dilemma – John Halas


SUMMARY: A look at mankind’s misuse of technology for destructive purposes.

WHY IT’S HERE: An early example of an entirely digital animation, ‘Dilemma’ is another philosophical short examining how technology has been used for destructive and murderous purposes rather than for progressing mankind’s development as a peaceful race. At first ‘Dilemma’s point seems elusive but as it becomes clearer ‘Dilemma ‘becomes more fascinating and gut-wrenching. There are some genuinely haunting moments, especially with the emergence of firearms, and the short leaves the viewer rooted to their seat and feeling cold and nervous. ‘Dilemma’ may be remembered most for having been one of the shorts that played before the original cinema run of ‘Return of the Jedi’. It has planted itself firmly in the minds of many Star Wars fans since then but until now ‘Dilemma’ has not been an easy film to track down. Its appearance here should delight anyone curious enough to have unearthed it once more.


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