527. Crac – Frederic Back


SUMMARY: The industrialisation of Montreal is seen through the eyes of a rocking chair.

WHY IT’S HERE: Frederick Back’s ‘Crac’ is simply mesmerizing, one of the greatest shorts to win the Oscar in the history of the award. A visually sumptuous, musically captivating and narratively endearing look at the industrialisation of Montreal via the history of a rocking chair, ‘Crac’ is one of the most beautiful 15 minutes of animation you’re ever likely to come across. By this stage of his career Back had become an artist of incredible talent and ‘Crac’, while not the most famous of his films, is the best. Deservedly scooping the Oscar for 1981, ‘Crac’ is so upbeat, colourful and infectious that it is impossible to resist. I would go so far as to call it one of the greatest animated shorts of all time.


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