526. Plasticine Crow – Aleksandr Tatarskiy


SUMMARY: A musical retelling of the fable of the Fox and the Crow by a narrator who can’t remember all the details.

WHY IT’S HERE: Russian animator Aleksandr Tatarskiy’s ‘Plasticine Crow’ is a wonderfully energetic take on an old fable in which the details and moral of the story get lost among the indecisive narrator’s attempts to recall the details. Using the technique of clay painting, in which everything is made from clay and we see the lumps of clay shaping into various characters and scenes (occasionally even being aided by an animator’s hand coming into shot), ‘Plasticine Crow’ is fast paced, funny and somewhat baffling to people who are unfamiliar with the original fable. Even those who aren’t may be left scratching their heads! It is so visually entertaining, charming and good-humoured however, that few could be disappointed by this lovely little curio.


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