524. Vacation in Prostokvashino – Vladamir Popov


SUMMARY: While his parents go on holiday to a resort, Uncle Fyodor prefers to spend his vacation in Prostokvashino with his old friends Matroskin and Sharik.

WHY IT’S HERE: Vladimir Popov’s sequel to ‘Three from Prostokvashino’ is notable for continuing with the same breezy, enjoyable air as the first instalment. Although there is not much to speak of in the way of plot, ‘Vacation in Prostokvashino’ benefits from this narrative liberation, unfolding instead as a series of comic happenings. All of the characters from the original film return, with Pechkin the mailman causing more mean-spirited trouble in possibly the only episode that could be said to offer any narrative conflict. The beauty of the Prostokvashino shorts is how wonderfully enjoyable they are for no discernible reason. I’d spend my vacation in Prostokvashino anytime!


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