521. Autobahn – John Halas


SUMMARY: An animated music video for Kraftwerk’s ‘Autobahn’.

WHY IT’S HERE: ‘Autobahn’ is an abstract visual experiment set to the title track by Kraftwerk, a hit single in its edited form. The version used here lasts eleven minutes (although this is still an edited take, running half the length of the official album version) incorporating the famous, catchy portion of the song and several minutes of the more experimental noise collage that follows. The visual accompaniment is a cold, dreamlike drift through an otherworldly void, accompanied by a strange green alien creature. Depending on who you are, ‘Autobahn’ may bore you silly, confuse the hell out of you, transport you to another world, impress you greatly or a combination of all these elements. It’s a remarkable short from an era where music videos were still in their infancy and this bold stab at capturing Kraftwerk on a visual level adds another dimension to this electronic landmark.


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