498. Firing Range (Polygon)- Anatoly Petrov


SUMMARY: A military scientist creates a tank that can read minds and react to human fear and hostility.

WHY IT’S HERE: Anatoly Petrov’s stunning ‘Firing Range’ (aka ‘Polygon’) is a short of enormous power and jaw-dropping visuals. Animated using a technique known as Photographica which uses multiple celluloid layers, ‘Firing Range’ looks unbelievably ahead of its time. The realistic human characters and settings make it almost impossible to believe this was a 1977 short and not made later with CGI effects. Petrov does not waste these astonishing visuals on a weak story, instead packing a dark anti-war action sci-fi plot into just 10 minutes. The story was based on a short story by Sever Gansovsky, who also collaborated on the script. To say more about the plot would be to ruin the experience of watching the film and once you have you’ll find it difficult to believe that this masterpiece is not better known.


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