497. Lucas the Ear of Corn – Bill Plympton


SUMMARY: A baby ear of corn is obsessed with what will become of him in the future. His mother, who is not blessed with the same ignorance, tells him he must wait and see.

WHY IT’S HERE: It’s always fascinating to see the first steps of great animators. With a wide range of instantly recognisable shorts and an impressive handful of feature films animated entirely singlehanded, Bill Plympton is surely one of the greats and while he certainly had a long way to go when he made ‘Lucas the Ear of Corn’, the ingredients that make his animations so appealing are clearly evident in embryonic form. Chief among these qualities is the sick sense of humour which Plympton would become associated with, as Lucas’s inevitable fate unfolds. The artwork is wantonly primitive and the story predictable but the corn’s eye perspective is inventively realised and the climax memorably grisly.


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