495. Striptease – Guido Manuli, Bruno Bozzetto


SUMMARY: A live action woman performs a striptease for an audience of appreciative cartoon men.

WHY IT’S HERE: Animation and sex had a complex relationship in the 70s. As sex became a topic for more and more animated shorts, many began to blur the line between artistic and smutty. Guido Manuli and Bruno Bozzetto’s two minute ‘Striptease’ is a prime example of this. While its intentions to mock the idiocy of drooling males ogling strippers are obvious, it also has its cake and eats it by featuring a live woman performing a striptease as its main focus. The full frontal nudity, though brief, is clearly there as a form of titillation for those who recognise themselves in the crowd of small men who burst (literally) with excitement. Manuli and Bozzetto both made far more successful shorts that this brief trifle but as a glimpse of the contradictory sexual politics of 70s animation, ‘Striptease’ is one of the least pretentious and most concisely instructive documents.


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