494. A Doonesbury Special – Garry Trudea, John Hubley


SUMMARY: An animated version of Garry Trudea’s popular comic strip.

WHY IT’S HERE: Made in collaboration with the Doonesbury comic strip creator Garry Trudeau, Faith and John Hubley’s ‘A Doonesbury Special’ is filled with the wit and warmth that characterises the work of everyone involved. Bringing Trudeau’s popular characters to life, ‘A Doonesbury Special’ is an impeccably scripted look back at the civil rights movement and idealism of the 60s from a 70s perspective. Funny, intelligent, touching and wonderfully animated, ‘A Doonesbury Special’ was also the last short that John Hubley worked on before his death. A well deserved Academy Award would have been a fitting end to an important animators illustrious career but sadly it was given to the feeble short ‘The Sand Castle’ instead.


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