490. The House That Jack Built – Andrey Khrzhanovskiy


SUMMARY: An adaptation of the nursery rhyme in which a dog, cat, bird and cow indulge in a lengthy chase through a large house.

WHY IT’S HERE: A far cry from his 1960s political satires, Andrey Khrzhanovskiy’s ‘The House That Jack Built’ finds the director in a light-hearted mood, adapting the children’s rhyme with amusing cartoon images. While Khrzhanovskiy’s early shorts undoubtedly influenced Terry Gilliam, ‘The House That Jack Built’ seems to take some of its visual cues from Gilliam’s distinctive cut-out animations, even if the humour here is noticeably more light-hearted and aimed at children. While it is a tad overlong at nearly ten minutes, ‘The House That Jack Built’ is a pleasant addition to Khrzhanovskiy’s filmography, displaying a stylistic diversity and a warm-hearted playfulness evident right into the closing credits which feature caricatures of all the creative talent involved in the production.


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