489. The Street – Caroline Leaf


SUMMARY: A Jewish family living in Canada care for their dying grandmother.

WHY IT’S HERE: Caroline Leaf’s intimate adaptation of Mordecai Richler’s short story, ‘The Street’ is a beautifully animated remembrance of childhood perspectives on death. Telling the story of a young boy whose dying grandmother is occupying the room he has been promised, ‘The Street’ depicts the family’s seemingly endless wait for death to put the old lady out of her misery. The situation is examined from different angles but largely told from the perspective of the boy, whose naïve and tactless attitude to death ensures that the short is never sentimental, even as its acute observations give it a warm familiarity. Leaf created ‘The Street’ through paintings on glass, which gives the film its distinctive, flowing look and even though the titular street is largely only represented through blobs of light and colour, the artwork is evocative enough to make the viewer feel as if they have been there.


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