485. Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown – Phil Roman


SUMMARY: The course of true love doesn’t run smoothly for any of the Peanuts gang in this Valentine’s Day special.

WHY IT’S HERE: The 13th Peanuts TV special, ‘Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown’ continues the now well-established series on brilliant form. As someone who has always hated Valentine’s Day whether in a relationship or not, ‘Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown’ is the ideal way to celebrate its meaningless commercialism and potential for inflicting crushing depression on the unloved! Even by the standards of Peanuts, ‘Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown’ is downbeat. Amidst the usual series of witty themed sketches, every character is left disappointed or humiliated when they expectations are left unfulfilled. Linus in particular is publicly shamed when he makes a futile attempt to give his teacher a box of candy only to miss his chance and end up racing across the parking lot after her car as she drives away with her boyfriend. For all its crushing defeats, it was Charlie Brown’s plight once again that inspired the children of America, who sent Valentine cards addressed to Charlie through the post after the special ended with him receiving nothing but an obvious token of pity from Violet, something which is decried by Schroeder in this wonderful short’s best moment.


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