473. Closed Mondays – Will Vinton, Bob Gardiner

Ed Catmull Computer Animated Hand

SUMMARY: A drunken man stumbles around an after-hours art gallery passing brash judgement on the works.

WHY IT’S HERE: Will Vinton and Bob Gardiner’s Oscar winning short ‘Closed Mondays’ is a pioneering Claymation in which a stumbles through an eerie, after-hours art gallery. The story, despite its neat twist ending, is secondary to the clay animation, The detail of the man’s features is incredible and, while this style undoubtedly shows its age, the charm of Claymation, a technique which became inextricably linked with the name Will Vinton, is undeniably and probably strikes a strong chord with anyone who grew up in the 80s and early 90s like myself, when Vinton’s work was regularly seen on TV. Vinton’s subsequent successes should not overshadow the contribution of Bob Gardiner however. Gardiner, by most accounts, was the major creative force here and his modelling style, shot by Vinton, would undoubtedly influence his creative partner’s continued innovation in the Claymation medium.


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