472. Sisyphus – Marcell Jankovics

jankovics marcell sisyphus oscar

SUMMARY: An animated depiction of Sisyphus’s eternal struggle.

WHY IT’S HERE: Marcell Jankovics’s masterpiece ‘Sisyphus’ only runs for a few minutes but that’s all it needs to achieve its effect. Depicting the Greek myth of Sisyphus, a man condemned to roll a huge stone up a hill for all eternity, Jankovic’s animation is sparing but insanely effective. You can see and feel every moment of the struggle as Sisyphus shrinks beneath the weight of the boulder. The remarkable soundtrack is all groans and grunts, depicting the magnitude of the pain Sisyphus is experiencing. The briefest of gaps occurs as the rock is finally taken to the top of the mountain, after which it all starts again. The viewer can really experience Sisyphus’s horrific predicament here like never before.


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