469. Self-Service – Bruno Bozzetto

Ed Catmull Computer Animated Hand

SUMMARY: A hungry mosquito hits the jackpot when he finds a human to suck blood from. Unfortunately, the human is more than a little resistant.

WHY IT’S HERE: ‘Self Service’ is one of the great Bruno Bozzetto shorts of the 70s, an era dominated by his Mr. Rossi films and, of course, the making of his masterpiece, the feature ‘Allegro Non Troppo’. ‘Self Service’ starts out with a nice simple idea, a group of mosquitos trying to suck blood from a human without getting squashed. Bozzetto has a lot of fun with this initial concept and it seems that ‘Self Service’ is just going to be a straightforward cartoon for laughs. But as the story progresses, Bozzetto’s trademark satire creeps in more and more, as the mosquito community grows, industry begins to thrive and the (mosquito) Cosa Nostra gets involved. The final image of a single disobedient mosquito sucking blood from the finger of God is a spectacularly funny and powerful climax.


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