463. Frank Film – Frank Mouris

Ed Catmull Computer Animated Hand

SUMMARY: A simple autobiography of Frank Mouris is complicated by a series of collected images and recited words beginning with F.

WHY IT’S HERE: When I first saw Frank Mouris’s Oscar-winning ‘Frank Film’ I thought it was an absolute headache of a short but it began to work its magic on the second viewing. This is a film that certainly demands many, many viewings to really take in. A series of cut-out animations of various images Mouris has collected throughout his lifetime, ‘Frank Film’ has two soundtracks played simultaneously. In one, Mouris relates a simple autobiography while in the other he recites words beginning with ‘F’. The story, the words and the pictures all influence each other. It’s a really incredible, challenging experience and one that must be seen again and again.


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