459. Street Musique – Ryan Larkin


SUMMARY: A visual interpretation of the music of street musicians, divided into six short segments of surreal images.

WHY IT’S HERE: In contrast with the focus on realistic movement in his Oscar nominated ‘Walking’, Ryan Larkin’s ‘Street Musique’ offers us a series of surreal images. The figures in ‘Street Musique’ shapeshift and morph from the crudest of child-like drawings to realistic figures; from single colour sketches to vibrant, full-colour representations. Inspired by a meeting with a group of street musicians, Larkin has here created a joyous masterpiece which revels in movement, colour and sound. The upbeat soundtrack perfectly compliments the images on screen which present a series of short, sumptuous sequences that showcase Larkin’s fluid animation style. Across its 8 minutes, ‘Street Musique’ captivates so completely that the viewer feels almost cleansed and refreshed after watching.


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