458. Damon the Mower – George Dunning


SUMMARY: A dark, shadowy figure swings his scythe and causes death and destruction around him.

WHY IT’S HERE: Inspired by an Andrew Marvell poem, George Dunning’s final animated film as director is animation pared down to the bone. Dunning’s sketchy but beautiful figures are drawn on paper and stuck to a board, with sellotape often visible. We can see the process of animation at work and yet the images move so fluidly that the illusion is no less convincing. Of particular note is how Dunning convinces us of the weight of Damon’s scythe. As he swings the implement wildly, it causes the piece of paper on which he is drawn to move with it and the sense of weight is palpable. Brief and elusive, ‘Damon the Mower’ is also an animation that resonates and lodges itself in the memory.


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