444. Ego – Bruno Bozzetto


SUMMARY: A man’s everyday life is punctuated by the unleashing of his ego in his nighttime dreams.

WHY IT’S HERE: Bruno Bozzetto’s ‘Ego’ return to short films after 1968’s brilliant feature ‘The SuperVips’ shows a marked step towards darker and more experimental material. ‘Ego’ examines the difference between a man’s straightforward waking life and the pyschedelic, megalomaniacal, sexually explicit imagery of his dreams. As with his previous short ‘Life in a Tin’, Bozzetto depicts real life in miniature, with the man’s everyday existence playing out in little boxes isolated in parts of the screen. But when he goes to bed, the screen is filled with the products of his more vibrant but also deeply troubling unconcious mind. ‘Ego’ is a funny, disturbing experiment which differs from much of Bozzetto’s work but is characteristic of a dark satirical edge which was especially evident in his late 60s and early 70s work.


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