443. Of Men and Demons – John Hubley


SUMMARY: A farmer living a simple, happy life, battles against three elemental demons.

WHY IT’S HERE: John Hubley’s ‘Of Men and Demons’ is a beautifully original piece of animation depicting the battle between a happy farmer and three elemental demons who want to ruin his life. In contrast with the Hubley’s more famous dialogue driven shorts, ‘Of Men and Demons’ plays out completely wordlessly, allowing the fantastic visuals to tell the story. The style combines the ultra-simplistic transparent character of previous shorts like ‘Moonbird’ with bold, colourful representations of the demons. But while they may be represented as physically bolder, ‘Of Men and Demons’ is a film that prizes human ambition and the development of technology over outdated superstition and the farmer’s victory over the demons leaves much for the audience to discuss in the aftermath for the philosophically inclined.


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