438. The Bremen Town Musicians – Inessa Kovalevskaya


SUMMARY: A musician and his animal band arrive in the town of Bremen, where they are chased out by the king and his guards.

WHY IT’S HERE: Inessa Kovalevskaya’s terrific, loose adaptation of the Brothers Grimm folktale is a joyously colourful musical filled with great music throughout its twenty minute runtime. The influence of 60s psychedelia is prominent in the vivid colours and the western rock ‘n’ roll style of much of the music. The character designs are sometime alarmingly ugly (the donkey is the thing of nightmares!) but the animation is filled with infectious vitality and the art style mixes bold designs with childlike sketches to really capture a sense of the childhood folktale. A very famous film in Russia, ‘The Bremen Town Musicians’ has picked up a sizable cult following elsewhere thanks to its unforgettably insistent energy, memorable visuals and fantastic music.


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