430. Film Film Film – Fyodor Khitruk


SUMMARY: A persistent director and a highly strung screenwriter struggle to get a film made.

WHY IT’S HERE: Russian director Fyodor Khitruk made ‘Film Film Film’ just before his acclaimed Winnie the Pooh shorts and the charming humour and style that made those such huge cult classics is visible in ‘Film Film Film’. Tracing the progress of a film from the fraught writing process through the appointment of a director, getting script approval, filming and finally the premiere, ‘Film Film Film’ cuts across all cultural boundaries in its depiction of just how difficult it is to create those big screen attractions we all take for granted. Filled with inventive takes on the process, ‘Film Film Film’s best sequence is probably the early segment in which the director and screenwriter dash down a long corridor filled with doors, finding new obstacles with every door they enter and having to make changes to their masterpiece every time. Accompanied by a lively and funny theme tune, ‘Film Film Film’ is effective in both providing the laughs and giving us a reasonable proxy for what making a film is like. At just under 20 minutes in length, ‘Film Film Film’ has great scope and when the exhausted cast and crew collapse in a heap at the end, we really feel that we’ve been along for the ride with them.


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