429. Picknick mit Weismann – Jan Svankmajer


SUMMARY: Various objects enjoy a picnic together on a sunny day. But something more sinister seems to be afoot.

WHY IT’S HERE: By the time of ‘Picknick mit Weismann’, Jan Svankmajer had established himself to the extent that one of his shorts was instantly recognisable just from the style. ‘Picknick mit Weismann’ is quintessential Svankmajer, with a group of objects animated to be seemingly enjoying a picnic on a summer’s day. A chess set plays the game unaided, a record player changes its own records and a casual suit lays in the sun and consumes fruit by ingeniously ingesting it through one shirts sleeve and expelling the stones through the other. All seems quite idyllic and pleasant and this looks like being a fairly quaint Svankmajer piece but there is always a sense of lurking doom with this director’s work and a sinister digging tool provides that air throughout ‘Picknick mit Weismann’, which is confirmed in the final moments.


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