427. Cosmic Zoom – Eva Szasz


SUMMARY: A zooming camera explores the magnitude of inner and outer space, starting and ending with the image of a boy boating with his dog.

WHY IT’S HERE: Eva Szasz’s ‘Comsic Zoom’ is a fascinating short based on the essay ‘Cosmic View’ by Kees Boeke. It begins with an aerial image of a boy and his dog in a rowing boat. The camera then pulls back from this showing the surrounding area in evermore minute detail until we have pulled back far enough to see the earth itself. But it doesn’t stop there. The camera then pushes on into the milky way and out into uncharted space. This zoom manages to achieve the twin effects of both encapsulating the magnitude of space and also making an unimaginably lengthy journey fly by in a short space of time. The camera then speeds up and rushes all the way back through space to the boy and his dog. Freeze frame. Most films probably would have ended at this point but instead the camera begins travelling again, this time towards the boy and on into his bloodstream and deep into his body until it reaches the level of atomic nucleus. This comparison between inner and outer space is simple but mind-blowing and ‘Cosmic Zoom’ leaves the viewer with lots to think about, not least what a small part of an enormous universe they make up themselves but how monumentally huge were are in comparison to other elements of it.


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