422. The Question – John Halas


SUMMARY: A man finds a question mark on the floor and consults a range of experts to find an answer to the vague question.

WHY IT’S HERE: Halas and Batchelor’s ‘The Question’ is a lovely little humanist short, its hippy ideals of love instantly marking it out as being from 1967. A philosophical but comically appealing short about a man who finds a question mark on the floor and sets about finding out the answer to this non-specific question, ‘The Question’ essentially denounces everything from religion to politics and art to psychiatry, ultimately proffering love as the answer to everything. It may sound somewhat naïve and dated but, even as I’ve grown up and gone through years of cynicism, there’s always been an element of the All You Need is Love philosophy that has remained central to my own beliefs so this short appeals to me on that level but can be enjoyed as a wonderfully realised little think piece whether you agree with its central idea or not.


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