418. Scrooge McDuck and Money – Hamilton Luske


SUMMARY: Scrooge McDuck gives a lecture on finance to his nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie.

WHY IT’S HERE: ‘Scrooge McDuck and Money’ is an educational featurette that is mainly notable for being the official animated debut of Scrooge McDuck (aside from a brief Mickey Mouse Club cameo). Scrooge has featured in comics for many years previously but here he was brought to life and given the role of financial adviser to his nephews. A competent though comparatively uninspired short that over-relies on weak musical numbers, ‘Scrooge McDuck and Money’ is worth seeing for its historical significance. In particular, fans of the classic TV series ‘DuckTales’ will find the animated basis of that show in this short, including the more avuncular version of Scrooge than his harder-edged comic counterpart, and the first animated depiction of Scrooge’s famous money bin. Given that ‘Scrooge McDuck and Money’ is all about the importance of keeping money in circulation, the money bin might seem like a spanner in the works, but as Scrooge explains, this only represents a portion of his wealth!


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