416. The Sailor and the Devil – Errol Le Cain


SUMMARY: A sailor tells a musical tale of his encounter with the devil during a choppy night on the sea.

WHY IT’S HERE: Errol Le Cain’s ‘apprentice work’ while working for Richard Williams’ studio, ‘The Sailor and the Devil’ almost became a lost film when much of it was destroyed in a fire and for many years it was believed that there was no complete version available. Recently a copy with only a few seconds missing emerged and it was a great cause for celebration for animation fans. Le Cain, who worked extensively with Williams on his own unfinished masterpiece ‘The Thief and the Cobbler’, shows himself worthy of that film’s incredible visuals. ‘The Sailor and the Devil’ makes incredible use of colour, movement and shapes to evoke the lively existence of the sailor and the wild, terrifying experience of being caught in a storm. Set to a great musical accompaniment, ‘The Sailor and the Devil’ barrels forward with persistent energy and dazzling use of colour, making it the epitome of a lost gem.


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