412. Mosaic – Norman McLaren, Evelyn Lambart


SUMMARY: A Ping-Pong ball set in motion begins to divide as it touches the side of the screen.

WHY IT’S HERE: Norman McLaren and Evelyn Lambart’s ‘Mosaic’ is an ingenious twist on the abstract film in which a man sets a ping pong ball flying across the screen and each time it touches something it divides into more balls, eventually filling the screen with different patterns that all stemmed from that original little dot. With the art of abstract animation now being several decades old, new angles were important in keeping it fresh and McLaren and Lambart have come up with a great idea to do just that. It goes on for a few minutes too long to sustain interest but ‘Mosaic’ is remarkable for its ability to transform an audience’s perception of abstract shapes and patterns by simply relating them to an opening image that seems to reveal the mechanics behind their creation.


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