400. Charlie Brown’s All Stars! -Bill Melendez


SUMMARY: Charlie Brown has to make a difficult moral decision when his baseball team gets the opportunity to join the Little League.

WHY IT’S HERE: ‘Charlie Brown’s All Stars!’ was the second Peanuts TV special and, despite being nowhere near as famous as the Christmas and Halloween specials that bookend it, this summer baseball themed short is every bit as great. Focusing on the little league baseball which played such a big part in the comic strips, ‘Charlie Brown’s All Stars!’ is based around an interesting moral dilemma as Charlie’s baseball team is offered sponsorship and new uniforms by a local business but is then told that this will only be the case for the boys, with girls and dogs not being allowed to play. Charlie turns down the offer in favour of keeping the girls and Snoopy on the team but still incurs the wrath of his teammates. The story follows a similar arc to the Christmas special, with Charlie finally being redeemed in the eyes of his friends, although the final images feel much more melancholy as Charlie’s determination to win the next days game are quashed by rain. The short ends with Charlie and Linus standing together on the baseball field getting quietly drenched.


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