398. Freewayphobia – Les Clark


SUMMARY: A 15 minute educational featurette in which Goofy plays the roles of three different types of dangerous driver who can cause havoc on the freeway.

WHY IT’S HERE: The popular Disney short ‘Motor Mania’ starring Goofy as a Jekyll and Hyde style driver had been released in 1950 but fifteen years down the line it was already dated in its depiction of cars and its lack of information about the Interstate Highway System of freeways that began being built in 1956 and transformed the way Americans drive. Therefore, it seemed like time for an update on the subject. Once again, Goofy was used but ‘Freewayphobia’ took a different approach, being classified as an edicational film and therefore being given double the runtime of ‘Motor Mania’. Goofy is used to represent three different types of dangerous driver; the overly timid driver, the impatient driver and the inattentive driver. Through a series of effective vignettes the potential outcome of these driving styles is revealed. ‘Freewayphobia’ was a very good short and was given a sequel, ‘Goofy’s Freeway Troubles’. This accounts for the fact that ‘Freewayphobia’ is sometimes called ‘Freewayphobia #1’, its original production title.


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