388. The Pink Phink – Friz Freleng, Hawley Pratt


SUMMARY: The Pink Panther gets into a battle with a little white man over what colour to paint a house.

WHY IT’S HERE: The first Pink Panther cartoon and the one we always wanted to come on TV as kids, ‘The Pink Phink’ pits the Pink Panther against the Little White Man, who is trying to paint a house blue while the panther wants to paint it pink. His stealthful endeavours to turn everything pink are expertly directed by the old master Friz Freleng. Produced by the DePatie-Freleng company that made all the original Pink Panther shorts, ‘The Pink Phink’ won the Oscar for Best Animated Short. The series was based on the character who appeared in the opening and closing credits of most of Blake Edwards’s ‘Pink Panther’ films starring Peter Sellers. The character proved enormously popular in these segments and a series was inevitable. ‘The Pink Phink’ remains the Pink Panther’s most popular cartoon, although he was nominated for another Oscar two years later for ‘The Pink Blueprint’, essentially an inferior retread of this short.


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