378. The Game – Dusan Vukotic


SUMMARY: Two live action children become embroiled in a game of one-upmanship through their drawings.

WHY IT’S HERE: Dušan Vukotic’s ‘The Game’ (aka ‘Igra’) is an inventive combination of live action and animation in which two children, a boy and a girl, turn an innocent drawing session into all out war when they begin to create pictures whose only purpose is to destroy the other’s drawings. It’s a fun, well-executed idea and has a superbly dark ending but it’s too padded out with images of the devious poppets mugging for the camera when more focus should be placed on Vukotic’s amusingly primitive animations. Still, it’s well worth seeing for its wonderful premise and visual invention. It earned Vukotic his second and last Oscar nomination (after his win for ‘The Substitute’ two years earlier) but lost to Mel Brooks’ ‘The Critic’.


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