370. Alfa Omega – Bruno Bozzetto


SUMMARY: A concise depiction of the trials and influences a man contends with over the course of a lifetime.

WHY IT’S HERE: With the brilliant ‘Alfa Omega’, Bruno Bozzetto encapsulates his cynical view on life in just eight minutes. Working with an ultra-simplistic character design, the line drawings utilised here are clearly a stylistic choice in keep with the simplified representation of the grand scheme of things that Bozzetto successfully manages to depict. The choices a man has to make throughout life are depicted in a series of beautiful symbolic sequences, broken up by images of the man winding his brain with a large clockwork key. Ultimately, he comes to regret some of his choices and in his last years, before his brain explodes into a mess of twanging springs, he makes a small, symbolic gesture to try and put things right. ‘Alfa Omega’ is Bozzetto’s cleverest short up to this point (although it does feature a questionable view of women as emasculators and gold-diggers) and he would take a step away from this sort of philosophical piece for the next half decade to work on a handful of Mr. Rossi shorts and his first feature, the Western parody ‘West and Soda’.


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