362. Goliath II – Wolfgang Reitherman


SUMMARY: Goliath II is a six inch high elephant who is a disappointment to his father. In constant danger from the tiger Raja, Goliath II must keep his wits about him in order to survive and prove his worth.

WHY IT’S HERE: ‘Goliath II’ is a 15 minute Disney featurette about a small elephant proving his bravery exceeds his physical size. It’s a simple story charmingly told, although the main function of ‘Goliath II’ was to test out the new, cheaper technique of xerography, using Xerox technology to transfer animation drawings to cels instead of hand inking. It was less expensive to test this process out on a short than on a feature, so ‘Goliath II’ became the guinea pig, although as an entertaining little fable it works nicely and managed to get itself Oscar nominated, testament to Disney’s expertise at producing quality almost instictually. Disney were making more interesting shorts around this time but the quality of ‘Goliath II’ still shines and much of the character animation was reused in ‘The Jungle Book’ for the elephant parade. I also recognise some moments that seem to have been reused in ‘The Sword in the Stone’ as well.


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