355. Tapum! The History of Weapons – Bruno Bozzetto


SUMMARY: An ironic look at the history and evolution of weapons down the centuries.

WHY IT’S HERE: Italian animator Bruno Bozzetto is one of my absolute favourites and I generally find something to like in almost all his work so we’ll be seeing a lot of him on this list, starting with his debut short ‘Tapum! The History of Weapons’. Establishing Bozzetto’s simple but enormously effective cartoony style (although it would evolve beyond the sometimes excessive simplicity utilise here), ‘Tapum! The History of Weapons’ also establishes his penchant for satirical wit and black comedy. This fun trawl through the history of man-made arms is bitingly amusing and contains a message that was becoming prevalent in its era: that sometime soon mankind could develop a weapon that will blow us all right back to the stone age.


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