323. Pigs is Pigs – Jack Kinney

SUMMARY: By-the-books station master Flannery struggles with the problem of whether guinea pigs should be classed as pigs or pets. While he waits for the official line on this dilemma, the guinea pigs begin to multiply.

WHY IT’S HERE: Disney’s ‘Pigs is Pigs’ is another short that owes a lot to UPA in its flat, stylised visuals but the sprightly, wordy script set to a famous jig called ‘The Irish Washerwoman’ distinguishes it from UPA’s more laconic wit. Telling the charming story of an Irish railway agent who gets caught up in red tape trying to ascertain whether guinea pigs are actually classed as pigs, ‘Pigs is Pigs’ got itself an Oscar nomination but lost out to ‘When Magoo Flew’.


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