317. Crazy Mixed-Up Pup – Tex Avery


SUMMARY: A botched blood transfusion leads a man and his dog to take on each other’s characteristics.

WHY IT’S HERE: Animation legend Tex Avery’s best and most well-known work was never nominated for an Oscar. ‘Red Hot Riding Hood’, ‘Northwest Hounded Police’, ‘Magical Maestro’, ‘Symphony in Slang’. None of these classics of the medium were ever even given a shot at Oscar glory. Of the handful of Avery-helmed films that were nominated, the best were the lower budget efforts he made for the Walter Lantz studio. ‘Crazy Mixed Up Pup’ is a hilarious short about a botched blood transfusion that causes a man and a dog to switch characteristics. It makes up for its relatively simple animation in its ample laughs. The talking dog is worth the price of admission alone.


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