314. Billy Boy – Tex Avery


SUMMARY: A farmer wolf is delighted to by a baby goat, until he realises that the ravenous little creature will literally eat anything.

WHY IT’S HERE: ‘Billy Boy’ is one of the late Tex Avery classics. The artwork has noticeably started to look cheaper, leaning towards UPA style thick lines and bright colours but the script by Heck Allen is terrific and the Avery timing still abundantly present. The cartoon follows the ravenous rampage of a hungry little baby goat as a farmer wolf (wonderfully voiced by Daws Butler and enhanced by a strange echoing stutter effect) tries to keep him under control. The wolf’s drawling Southern accent enhances his hilarious monologue throughout and the finale pushes things to the logical extreme as Avery had done so memorably previously in ‘King Size Canary’.


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