312. Snow Business – Friz Freleng


SUMMARY: Tweety and Sylvester are trapped in a cabin by a severe snow storm and it isn’t long until Sylvester’s thoughts turn to eating Tweety. But someone else has their hungry eye on Sylvester.

WHY IT’S HERE: After the feeble ‘A Bird in a Guilty Cage’, Friz Freleng finally injected some life into his repetitive Sylvester and Tweety series with the brilliant and novel ‘Snow Business’. Owing a good deal of its success to a superbly inventive script by Warren Foster, ‘Snow Business’ opens with Tweety and Sylvester as the best of friends. Only when they are stranded in a cabin by a snowstorm do the starving cat’s thoughts turn to eating his former playmate. A great twist on the straightforward formula, ‘Snow Business’ has a few more tricks up its sleeve. For one, Tweety remains oblivious of the danger he’s in throughout the whole cartoon as Sylvester convinces him that a ride in a boiling hot cooking pot and skating on a greased frying pan are enormous fun. This unusual set-up creates a whole new refreshing dynamic between the cat and bird. The real star of ‘Snow Business’, however, is a psychotic little mouse who, driven crazy with hunger, decides he wants to eat Sylvester. It is this final bizarre plot twist which pushes ‘Snow Business’ from great to brilliant and the emaciated little rodents attempts to devour a creature ten times his size are hilarious to watch. ‘Snow Business’ is, in all probability, the very best of all the Tweety and Sylvester shorts. It’s a genuinely funny and odd script brilliantly directed by Freleng.


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