307. Rugged Bear – Jack Hannah


SUMMARY: Humphrey the Bear tries to survive hunting season by posing as Donald Duck’s bearskin rug.

WHY IT’S HERE: Disney’s ‘Rugged Bear’, while not as ambitious as some of the Disney films on this list, is an absolutely hilarious cartoon and sometimes that’s worth even more. One of a handful of shorts that starred Humphrey the Bear (with the top-billed Donald Duck in a supporting role), ‘Rugged Bear’ finds Humphrey surviving hunting season by posing as Donald’s bearskin rug, a ruse that proves as dangerous as braving the guns! Humphrey was the last Disney character to be given his own series of cartoons but sadly it was cut short when the studio discontinued its theatrical shorts. Though he’s little remembered today, the Humphrey cartoons still tend to go down a storm with audiences and ‘Rugged Bear’ is the pick of the bunch.


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