304. Duck! Rabbit, Duck! – Chuck Jones


SUMMARY: Bugs and Daffy are once again pitted against each other in an effort to convince Elmer Fudd that it is the other he can legally shoot, this time against a snowy backdrop

WHY IT’S HERE: Chuck Jones’s ‘Duck! Rabbit, Duck!’ is the last installment of the celebrated hunting trilogy. Often considered the weakest of the three cartoons, I believe it is at least as funny as its two predecessors. Set in a snowy wintertime wood as opposed to the summery setting of the other two cartoons, ‘Duck! Rabbit, Duck!’ is an attractive and hilarious short which hinges on a brilliant running gag involving Daffy being duped into proclaiming that he is a series of different animals, all of which correspond to signs held up by Bugs. As with its two predecessors, ‘Duck! Rabbit, Duck!’ features a variety of jokes involving Daffy’s beak being blown off and plenty of ingenious wordplay. It culminates in the most violent moment of the whole trilogy. Easily the equal of its two predecessors, ‘Duck! Rabbit, Duck!’ is a superb final entry in an historical series of cartoons by one of the masters of the animated art form. What more recommendation do you need?!!


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